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So much to like about this. It ticks a lot of my boxes in that I often attempt to record or make a map of things that make me happy. Writing about them helps me remember but, in the spirit of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, taking a photo is better. You don’t have to go public with them all.

This is an attempt at creativity without judgement. No one is watching.  It’s for you. You don’t have to hand it in. You won’t get a mark. In fact give yourself a mark for showing up and having a go!

Given the dire state of the world and the utter misery we are force-fed by the media, to practise noticing what makes you glad will go some way to redress the balance. It’s like food. We don’t just want to eat junk. Let’s face it there’s a lot out there which is junky. Let’s  treat ourselves to some nourishment. Maybe five fruity shots of happiness a day is a big ask, but one shouldn’t be so hard to find.

I remember a hymn from when I was at school. It had an unpredictable tune, but it makes me smile now.

Here are the words: I have reservations about the title, but let’s bear with it.

A Little Song Of Life

Lizette Woodworth Reese

Glad that I live am I;
That the sky is blue;
Glad for the country lanes,
And the fall of dew.

After the sun the rain;
After the rain the sun;
This is the way of life,
Till the work be done.

All that we need to do,
Be we low or high,
Is to see that we grow
Nearer the sky.
Glad. An old-fashioned Anne of Green Gables word but it needs bringing back.

And here is a poem and a website which – in the poet’s words – just about kills me with delight.


Delight? Something else altogether. We could get good at this.