Plan B Day 2

So another breakfast and a mushroom this time, as well as the poached egg and bacon. Having initially not really warmed to the place, I found myself sad to leave the Swan at Grasmere.

Very kind staff and a pretty good room. And a piping hot breakfast.

Onward to Carlisle, by way of bus, then train replacement (coach speeding through country lanes) and then real train to Carlisle, which is nice enough if you like small cities on a humid Friday night.

I did go however to the cascading poppies at Carlisle castle and it’s a marvellous installation.

I also did a lightening tour of the walls and the dungeons. This was called the licking wall, where prisoners were left to rot and resorted to licking the moisture and salts from a crevice in the wall.

I didn’t just do history. Before I came to Carlisle I researched Birkenstocks online and sure enough, I found a shop here where I could actually buy some. The shop assistant was great and found me a pair of the correct size. I said “I’ll take them.” Wear them now. Then she looked at my feet, gently oozing, and said “There’s no returns on those. ”

Fine. Great. I also went to the cathedral and St Cuthbert’s church, and bought a stash of ready meal goodies from M and S. Oh yes. Let’s call it self care. So I’m ok, I’d rather be walking but I’m seeing lovely things, noticing details. Talking to decent people and watching Timothy West and Prunella Scales narrow boating on a super duper tv. And waiting for my paella to warm up. Tomorrow. Whitby.