Plan B

What I wanted to do today is walk from Patterdale to Shap.

What I’ve done already – and it’s only 1.30pm – is have a leisurely shower and tend to me feet,which if you’re interested look marginally better, but not well enough to put back inside a sweaty boot. And I feel a bit guilty that they’re oozing onto snowy white linen, so I’ve given them their own towel. I have pictures should you want them. 😱

Then I had breakfast. I was placed in a discreet alcove from where I could observe all the other people who have family and friends to eat with. I eked out my granola and very good coffee and ordered a poached egg and bacon from the menu. The waitress snorted at this derisory breakfast but I said I couldn’t do the kippers, beans and hash browns justice. They brought my tiny meal ( according to them) on a massive and scalding hot plate and it did look a little like a sad food island but it was yummy and it stayed hot to the end and I ate it all.

It’s exciting isn’t it? Who wants to walk those peaks anyhow.

Then I joined the multitude who don’t. Walk the peaks that is. Yesterday I researched how to escape Grasmere without a car. Not easy. And I have to go via Windermere where the station is. I’ve ascertained ticket prices and broken the journey into four stages over two days. And written it all down with dates, places and prices. This is so not me, but maybe it s the new me.

Next I bought a Lakeland roamer bus ticket and talked to a friendly lady about her holiday and my predicament. She glanced at my toes and told me I hadn’t tied my laces tightly enough. I felt pretty peeved at that but bit my lip, which hurt. I’m not a novice walker and it’s horrid being judged, especially when you feel a ninny anyway. So she and I parted ways and I wish her well. The only peak she and her husband hadn’t climbed was Pillar. And they won’t now being nearly eighty. Still they have memories so she said, mostly of putting people right on map reading and how to adjust their kit I expect. Still I hope I’m walking in the Lakes when I’m eighty, and have a memory.

So onward to Windermere by open top bus and a very lovely ride it was. I sat at the front on top and saw all the sights and tried to match them to the commentary.

Got off at Windermere and waved my research findings paper at the man at the desk who looked at them quizzically. He didn’t believe I’ve found the cheapest route to Whitby and was determined to find a loophole.

But he didn’t. Ha! So now I have my tickets out of here, for tomorrow. 😉 Just when I’m getting to like the place and lounging in yoga pants, wondering what to eat next.

Heartened by my own thoroughness I walked downhill into Windermere which I remember from years ago. I was ostensibly looking for Birkenstocks but found none.

But I did find the library which had an exhibition called From Auschwitz to Ambleside about 300 Jewish children who were relocated there after the war. Four survivors had narrated the story on a short film in 2010, and its a terrific piece of film and very moving. In part a survivor told of the forced march into Czechoslovakia at the end of the war and being billeted in a bombed out factory overnight where he found a dried pea which he broke into four pieces to make it last longer. I sat on my own and wept a little. They were so grateful and so lucky.

Then I bought a banana and some fizzy water and got on the bus to Bowness, where I’ve never been and will never go again. Let’s just say I stayed on the bus and travelled back listening to the commentary a second time. I spotted more of the sights this time.

So no pics, except of my toes which you don’t need to see. But I’m relaxing into being a semi retired walker and seeing what happens next. I’m ok with that, for now, thanks for asking. One day at a time.

6 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. So proud of you mama. ‘A pessimist sees the difficulties in every opportunity but the optimist sees the opportunities in every difficulty.’ A quote I happened to glimpse earlier this week and has stuck with me over the last few days. There is always hope and there is always a ‘but the good thing is’. It’s about training yourself to look for it. You are a wonder xxxxx

  2. Just read this update and feeling so sad for you, but I am still SO PROUD of you too. Enjoy the yoga pants like me my dear friend xxx

  3. Enjoy the interlude sweetheart, revel in the jog pants (hurrah for elastic waistbands!) and look after those toes. Did you buy salt? Or steal some?
    John did a magnificent job on Max’s cruciiate and we really appreciated our time at Seascape.
    Max is feeling very sorry for himself and crying in his sleepiness and Dad is asleep and snoring in the chair beside me. And who did all the driving, shopping etc today?..another hurrah for the weaker sex!

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