Borrowdale to Grasmere

Another hot day and super walking but too much for my poor toes which have taken a pounding so much so that I have had to abandon this walk. I feel very sad that something I’ve looked forward to so much has ended for me prematurely. Becky and Helen are carrying on but I’m in a hotel trying to find a way out of here. Not easy. Cars are so useful. I hope to finish it something and then I’ll have my bag carried to spare my toes. I’m a pilgrim not a martyr. Love to all.

4 thoughts on “Borrowdale to Grasmere

  1. Oh Verity I’m so sorry you have had to stop and can imagine your disappointment and level of discomfort that led to that decision. Hope you find a way home, that you recover quickly and that it won’t be too long before you can do it again. Lots of love, Jane xx

  2. Oh no…that’s so disappointing for you…lots of ups and downs are sooo hard on the feet – especially in the heat. Thankyou for sharing the journey and I know that the next adventure will be calling you and that you will be recovered and ready to go. Sending love and hugs. Sue x

    • Thank you Sue, it’s not something I’d do without very good reason. And the weather is so good and so clear too!! I’ve never really seen the Lakes like this. Frustrating but necessary. Helen and Becky march on. Xx

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