Onward to Borrowdale

After 12 hours horizontal I feel much better, more optimistic, if not exactly brimming with confidence. It can’t be overstated what rest does for you, for me.

We are staying in an over furnished, dimly lit farm house with sloping ceilings and creaking floor boards. Slightly skuzzy. Let’s just say the walking tour people aren’t boarded here. There s an entirely empty dormitory sleeping 8+. Thank the Lord because there’s only two loos and showers and it would be a squeeze. And the noise…

But we are alone here and the beds are comfy and the linen clean.

When we arrived and collapsed onto the vinyl (wipe down) armchairs our host kindly asked us what we wanted for our breakfast and we said all of it ex sausage. Now having eaten and slept I don’t fancy that at all. But there’s no going back, I’ve chosen. I’ll eat it. I doubt if there’ll be granola and berries. Muesli dust maybe.

We’ll do better today. We’ll drink more at breakfast. We’ve asked for a packed lunch. Cheese and pickle or cheese was the choice. Yesterday we were tearing apart dry malt loaf, while perched on an upturned sheep trough. Surrounded by what sheep produce. High living indeed.

Yesterday I was tired and uncertain. My legs were wobbly on the final descent, which apparently is the steepest incline of the whole thing. Phew, well that’s done. Be thankful. But it wasn’t high, or that far, or really gruelling. It was just hot and on our first day it was a shock to the system. If this weather persists I’ll consider having my bag carried. But theres no point worrying about what might happen, worry is not preparation as they say. I’ll do my best with the tools I have ( cheerfulness and ibuprofen mostly) to make this a good day. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. Love it really.

Helen sleeps on.

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