Ennerdale to Borrowdale

Every picture tells a story which is just as well as I’m too tired to write. Dorothy our host was kind and cooked a big breakfast including an artfully carved orange. A long hot lovely walk. Utter loveliness as we walked past Ennerdale water and through the forest to Black Sail. Then a steep climb and tricky descent towards Honnister Slate Mine where we had tea and cake in the cafe. And onward to Borrowdale YHA. The ground is hard and unyielding to the feet and mine have suffered a bit. So on with the Compeed. And for me ibuprofen and rest.

We took on plenty of water and stopped for longish breaks – it was still hard. Still everyone was suffering and no one expected extreme heat.

Now we are at the youth hostel where people are friendly and sunburnt. There’s happy noises outside but I’m relishing just being still. And so to bed. Tomorrow Grasmere.


3 thoughts on “Ennerdale to Borrowdale

  1. Lovely to read of your day… heat can be so challenging. May your feet recover well tonight, and all the very best for tomorrow- maybe you’ll be able to cool your toes in the dark and cooling Grasmere?

  2. How are the feet?
    Been thinking of you.
    Love the photos and descriptions of your accommodations and meals! It all paints a picture ⛰🛏☕️🥟🍳🍌

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