Day one Coast to Coast

6.30pm and I’m in bed already. I’ve learned that just being horizontal helps me recover. Today wasn’t a difficult walk but we were wrong footed by a shop we were relying on being closed and therefore didn’t have enough water or food really. But a new walking pal gave us a whole malt loaf and three apples. God bless you Charlie.

Some stiff climbs and stiffer descents in very hot weather means we are a bit tired. We can still see the sea from our room in Ennerdale but mostly you can see hills and moors. We had a kind welcome with tea and shortbread. We had an Indian takeaway and done our washing and dried it on a sunny washing line and now despite a beautiful evening are headed to bed. Needs must.

We saw some of the ultra runners today. I won’t lie. It did not look appealing. They looked hot and tired, but then so do I. Why do we do this? Answers on a postcard please.

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