So… Windy Gyle to Kirk Yetholm 14 milesĀ 

We made it! But my phone didn’t. With seven miles to go I realised I had lost it between the last mountain refuge hut and The Schil, the last big climb on the PW.  Not a long distance but too far to really go back and the heather and moss too deep to search, so these photos are Helen’s. Thank you dear friend. 

 Think you get now that this walk is hard: it’s tougher than I imagined, wetter and hotter and steeper both up and down those wild hills. But so beautiful and. So much fun. Even when your accommodation is cramped like this

Four post menopausal women in bunk beds. It’s an experience- you have to laugh or you’d cry. Last night  I woke up at home and wondered where I was and poked my ears for my ear plugs. 

We did it. I had a little weep over my lost phone and photos- no wifi to upload to the cloud- and then I thought, but I’m here and doing it and that’s the important thing – that little lens didn’t come between me and the experience of The End. 

It was hot – we sat in Scotland in the sun and drank our free half pint with new kind friends and groaned over the funny awful awesomeness of the Pennine Way. 

I laughed a lot. I whined and grumbled some. I was often silly. But I am so blessed to have these friends to walk with. And I’m grateful I can still do it. Thank you Becky, Sue and Helen for your love and friendship. It means the world to me. 

And look here I am upright and smiling. 

I love this picture.