Byrness to Windy Gyle: 14miles

Fourteen miles and then a hurried descent down to a red tin barn to be picked up a little while later. 

Walking away from this up a steep slope into the forest and up onto the heathland was tough but the sun was shining and birds were happy and so were we. The weather defied the forecast and we made the most of it. We reached the Cheviots and Scotland. 

My pictures do not them justice. Wonderful row upon row of mountains and hills and not a person or car in sight. Glorious. Great walking. 

We walked with two new friends who are discovering the joys of through hiking, which is what it’s called now. And two Irish guys who had walked past their drop off point. They had to walk back another couple of miles with us and all went well until Windy Gyle and Russell’s Cairn. 

At this point we had a one and a half mile scamper down the hill in sleet and driving rain. Very wet. And silly me didn’t put her rain pants on. 

We made it to the barn for our pick up and spent a happy twenty minutes not very discreetly taking off our wet stuff and putting on our rain pants – a strange sensation but dry. 

Then a switchback drive back to camp. These four huddled, steamy and pasty in the back.

All good fun. And tomorrow is our last walking day. We have to scamper back up that mountain and along to Kirk Yethom and claim our pint of beer for finishing the longest and toughest of Britain’s national trails. And here is a picture of me, looking bemused but happy doing something I love. 

Thought you’d like it. 


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