Bellingham to Byrness 

Fifteen miles: not so hard but over some dodgy terrain. More moor and bog. Slippery and puddlesome. Wet socks. Such  I’ve had enough of that for at least the next decade. Next time I’m coming in a car with a flask. It rained steadily for an hour or two and we ploughed on with Haribos for comfort. And co op sandwiches for lunch which we ate hunched against a five bar gate. 

Then more forest, which was strangely deserted for a bank holiday – no dog walkers or mountain bikers. It was ok. It’s done. I want to be in Kirk Yetholm now. We are so nearly there -27 miles to go – but there’s no accommodation, barring bothies, on the way so we have to come back here tomorrow. 

A stiff climb through a forest first today, then over the Cheviots to Windy Gyle, past a fortlet(?) Ogre Hill, Hardens Edge. You get the picture? 

But so nearly nearly there. 


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