Tan Hill to Middleton in Teesdale 

Breakfast at Tan Hill- go, go tomorrow. It’s Fawlty  Towers with a Latvian Manuel. 

Let’s just say organisation is not their strong point. But there was a lot to look at while you’re waiting. 

We got away later than we’d hoped. 

Then a boggy walk over Sleighthome Moor. 

The more moor and reservoir and bog, but kind people all the way offering water on this ridiculously hot day. We tramped along for many hours admiring the views, feeling grateful to be able to do this but wishing the day were at an end. 

We reached halfway in miles today and some long days to come. Tonight we’re in Co Durham and eating with the sisters walking to remember their mum, but passing the time of day with other walkers who cross our path, some of whom are doing Lands End to John O Groats. Gasp. They left on April 1st and have only had one and half days of rain. 

There’s a common enemy, the Pennine Way itself, and the heat. I’ve bought after sun to anoint my farmer’s tan but so far, so good. No blisters. Twenty one miles tomorrow. Yikes. 


2 thoughts on “Well..

  1. 6.45am and blooming hot already. I do not envy you walking 20 miles in this heat. Drink lots of water and today walk this one for the children of Manchestet. I love you precious daughter.

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