Horton to Hardraw Day 7 

An easier day but there were still points when I was out of love with this walk. Had one of you turned up with a car I might have walked away. But we made it, against all the odds. 

Totally wonderful breakfast with slightly sad Steve who runs a super duper B and B with this

And Pen y Gent from the porch.

Long walking then Hawes. Pretty market town. 

The to Hardraw bunkhouse. 

And the most macabre pub you’ve ever come across. Fortunately we have supplies to eat here because it offered little but taxidermy. 

We’re near Dismal Hill but this was in another league. We were glad to come back to our strange but wholesome bunkhouse. 

Lots of adventure books. 

And ours continues tomorrow to Tan Hill the highest pub in Britain. 


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