Day 6 Malham to Horton in Ribblesdale

Yesterday was a walk which started well in the sunshine – but ended in a damp scramble into Malham. All the wet weather gear went on. 

Some lovely views but very wet feet by the end. Our room in Malham youth hostel was like this.

Only one person could stand at a time. But friendly staff and some witty signs. 

Hostels have changed for the better – there’s a far more relaxed regime which combines well with a traditional drying room. And they provided a decent breakfast which meant we were on our way early to see this

Malham Cove – impressive. After a wicked climb out of Malham there was a lot to admire and we had the weather to do it. 

Lovely walking. Some ‘stiff sustained climbs’ but a very satisfying day. 

Lunch=dry ham sandwich and a falling apart gluten free cookie. I ate it anyway. 

Down Fountains Fell and up Pen y Gent with Sue’s brother and his dog who joined us for this bit, and dinner. For those of you who long to join us on these ridiculous rambles, but who fear we are Amazonian – which is all tosh btw – a day or two’s walking with us is a good way in. You’ll see that we stumble and trip and I stay at the back, most of the time because I’m not a whippet, let alone an Amazon. 

Climbing Pen y Gent looked worse that it was, my fitness is improving, but still involved a little scramble and a few dicey moments when the wind caught my rucksack. No retaining wall to catch the flyaway rambler. But we all made it and after a stomp down a three mile stony track we found ourselves in Horton where the Three Peaks events start from. 

Horton is a pretty village but full of bossy signs like this :

But the staff in the cafe were superb and attentive and we got tomorrow’s tuck in there which I won’t show you because you ll only be jealous.

Then showers, washing, pub, (a roast lamb dinner since you’re asking) bed. 

A good day, and aren’t we glowing and gorgeous? 


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