Mankinholes to Ickornshaw 

Another 16/7 miler starting with a beastly climb out of Callis Bridge and more up and down for a long time. 

Pictures say more than words. 

And another climb up to May’s shop which is a PW legend and you really can buy anything there. 

And the Parkins not bad either.

More moors and reservoirs. 

And after a lunch of apple and cheese and cookies, this:

The more reservoirs and moorland and then Top Withins which is supposed to have inspired Wuthering Heights which was pretty inhospitable any way you look at it. I thought we were nearly there but no, only a few more moors and slabs and a sharp shower to go. It was unexpectedly hard. We arrived at 6pm to another wonderful host duo who gave us cake and tea and took our washing away. 

Then a Caminoesque meal out with friends we’ve made on the way which was full of laughter and understanding and some beer. 

Excellent – maybe I can carry on. Tomorrow, Malham. 


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