Diggle to Mankinholes

Our first sunshine and no rain. 

This was a much easier walk and once we were up on the ridge it was fairly straightforward. (I’m saying that but I make no contribution at all to the navigation as I have realised how woefully inadequate my skills are. I make the landscape fit the map. Thank heaven for Becky and Sue).

We made good progress and were at the White House pub for a drink as it opened. We’ve learned to have a hot drink and a cold drink. One to comfort one to hydrate. 

Very nice too and a tiny macaroon. Could have eaten four. 

Then more reservoir walking including a boggy detour and past Stoodley Point,down a very pretty wood to Hebden Bridge – “the fourth funkiest town on the planet.” ??

It was pretty funky, and I’d like to go back but we were funky too in a different way, so availed ourselves of the Co op fresh produce and got a taxi to Mankinholes Youth Hostel. 

Hostels are great but often you can’t get in till five as they’re run by volunteers these days, so that’s why we did our shopping in HB. Which was wise as the promised shop at the hostel sold beans and ancient postcards. Not tasty. But our food was. And as we did 37000+ steps yesterday – I’ve got a new app- we needed it. 

Mankinholes Youth Hostel is run by a sterling guy called Bob. A more relaxed host you could not hope to find. And indeed all the people we’ve met so far have been delightful in their way.  Ian, a taxi driver, who didn’t want to take our money told us how they’d just had their dog put down, and how his adult son went fishing for three days to process it. He said his happiest memory of Ronnie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, was when they brought him home on Christmas Eve twelve years ago and surprised their kids! This is a man who does triathlons he looked fit and tough and yet there he was on a 10 minute journey sharing some fairly deep emotions: something’s changed – it wasn’t like this years ago and we are all the better for it I’d say. It was a real human connection.  All the publicity about mental health is working at some level and hoorah for that. 

So far we’ve met a deal of  older guys: chatty Warren, from Wales,  Steve another older man lean as a pick, walking in step with us and a chap called Heffin? Heffan? Jolly nice anyway and keen on model railways, in fact trains in general, and very well travelled. 

And another Bob, who we call Lost Bob, who left Edale when we did and fell down on Bleaklow and they got the mountain rescue out for him. He now sports a plaster on his nose but persists in walking long stages despite his advanced years (he looks old) and injury. He arrived at 9.30 pm last night tired and dehydrated. But he’s going home today much to our relief. Bless him. 

Anyhow we’re off to breakfast with Lost Bob, and sterling Not Lost Bob. I’ll try and take a photo. 


One thought on “Diggle to Mankinholes

  1. Feel as though I am with you, without the pain! Thankyou for sharing so wonderfully. Sending love to you all. Here, I am gardening and cycling which makes me happy too….

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