Crowden to Diggle

Yes that is a place. Not that I’ve seen much of it as we slithered down the bridle path into town and into our hotel at 4.30 and have not left since. Had a pie and a pint – and am now horizontal. 

Today was better, shorter, 14 miles, and visibility was good. Lots more trudging and traipsing up and down hills and slabs and bogginess and fording. This means crossing water in full spate. 

Now we were never going to be swept away  downstream but lose your footing and you could take a tumble and be wet through to your pants. As if you weren’t wet enough already. 

Said one lovely lady, when her husband said we might have to wade, I hate that word – wade. We didn’t wade but there was a hop skip and countdown to a jump. It mostly worked. 

Some great views and good company. And tomorrow we are at Mankinholes – yes that’s a place too. And the forecast is better. 


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