A most excellent walk

Lovely walking in glorious country side.  

 And rather marvellous weather. I’ve packed too many of the wrong clothes but it doesn’t really matter and thats what I love. Everyone looks hot and sweaty and a little crazed with tiredness and exhilaration.we all talk about other walks we’ve done and pick up tips on the next projected trip. Swapping info on good accommodation, helpful hosts and where to get a fine cup of tea.

 Rivelaux Abbey with this inscribed on the window:

Everywhere peace, everywhere serenity and a marvellous freedom from the tumult. Alered of Rievaulx.

But not for these poor creatures who graced our B and B a few nights ago. It was what Helen calls a chintz palace – with a lot of taxidermy thrown in. Unnerving.  

The badger was outside our bedroom door. The fox was across the hall. The poor deer watched us eat our breakfast, alongside a little owl and a tawny owl. So many questions. WHY? ? Who? And dear to my heart, how do you clean them? 

Last night we slept here 

And tonight we are here.  

Random thoughts and photos to give you a taste of what we’re enjoying. 


2 thoughts on “A most excellent walk

  1. We really enjoy your blogs. Missing you and your good advice, dear daughter. Not too much sticky toffee pudding. Enjoy your days with Helen and make some more good memories for your old age!

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