Anne Lamott – 29 years sober

For those who know and those who care this happened on the very day my son Josh was born. He read that poem at his sister’s wedding.

Keep praying faithful friends. Love wins.

sober women awareness network (swan)

anne lamott

On July 7, 1986, 29 years ago, I woke up sick, shamed, hungover, and in deep animal confusion. I woke up this way most mornings. Why couldn’t I stop after 6 or 7 drinks? Why didn’t I have an “off” switch when I had that first drink every day?

Well, “Why?” is not a useful question.

I thought about having a cool refreshing beer, just to get all the flies going in one direction.

I was 32, with three published books, and the huge local love of my family and life-long friends. I was loved out of all sense of proportion. I gave talks and readings that hundreds of people came to. I had won a Guggenheim Fellowship, although, like many fabulous writers, I was drunk as a skunk every day. I was penniless and bulimic, but adorable, and cherished.

But there was one tiny problem. I was…

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3 thoughts on “Anne Lamott – 29 years sober

  1. In my thoughts and my prayers every day.
    God give you all,well truly us all the strength and fortitude to face and fight the demons that sit on all our shoulders.
    You unlike so many people Verity (I include myself) don’t have your honesty and courage. It’s easier to pretend everything is perfect.
    God bless you, your family and your Courage.
    love Kate. xxxxxxxx

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