Warning – contains graphic conversation with a three year old

Adorable as only a nearly three year old can be. But it took a while to achieve. We had a morning at toddler group and frantic loops round the garden on his scooter. Baked potato for lunch and three episodes of Larva in Netflix: then time to nap.
He goes to bed like an angel. But then pipes up:
“Granny, are your eyes open?” I like a nap too.
“Granny, can we mow the lawn with grandad after this?” We have a motor mower. Endless fun for boys.
“No talking William. Sleep time. ”
“Granny, will you read me one story?”
He wisely chose a board book.
“Enough now. No more talking.”

Short pause.

“Is it ok if I sneeze?”
“Is it ok to yawn?”
“Is it ok to cough?”
“Can you take my socks off?”
“I’d like another drink.”
“You can come and lie on my pillow if you like.” Nothing if not courteous.

Patiently and briefly i answer these questions. I get him a drink and then notice his nose is … mmm …blocked. I get a tissue but his finger got there first.
“Granny, sometimes I eat my bogeys.”