Knighton to Drewin farm

Everything is relative. “Not unduly steep” yesterday and “an ascent of almost inhuman severity” on the walk from Knighton to Shewin Farm. It was. And not just one climb, maybe six? We walked 15miles in about 7.5 hrs.


It was very hard and we ground our way slowly uphill and slithered our way down. We both took a tumble. And if Wales ever hosts the Olympics we suggest slalom skiing in sheep shit.

There were lovely moments.

We met a man eating a pork pie here. Such is the social whirl. We’ve met very few walkers : a surly Australian girl and a couple from Montreal who do this – and camp! They are unfailingly cheerful and my spirits lift when I see them slurping their yoghurts in a church porch. We offer them a Hobnob.

We’ve been rained on a lot. And we put filthy trousers on as it’s not worth washing them. Our rooms are strewn with our washing and every night we are fed and in bed by 7.30. Despite the weather I am loving it. And we are more than halfway.


How can this be when it’s so obviously arduous and uncomfortable? Endorphins of course. And then fact that after such efforts small pleasures feel bigger. Montreal man while yoghurt slurping said “I’d just spoon this down on my sofa at home: here I am really enjoying it. ”

Lots of that. And this.


Welshpool tonight. 16.5 miles today on much easier terrain. Only got lost once. And a nice cyclist showed us where we were on the map.

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