Hay to Kington: day of hospitality

Super healthy breakfast provided by Nikki


Long walk to Church town where as promised in the guidebook we found tea and coffee making kit and biscuits in the church. It was very welcome and a jolly good idea. No one was there in person but we tipped them handsomely
all the same.

On to Gladestry “more of a real village .. with the Royal Oak public house, a weekly bus service etcetc!”. We fell upon some hot chocolate in the pub and then saw the pudding menu. Sticky toffee pud and custard? Yes please.

This was an inspired choice and saw us up the final hill Hergest Ridge and into Kington. Into a ghost town and ghost youth hostel.


We were four people in a hostel for 45. Subdued wasn’t in it. But it served us.


We cooked some pasta, ate crisps, drank tonic and went to bed. That was a 14.5 mile day.

1 thought on “Hay to Kington: day of hospitality

  1. Very impressed with how hard this walk seems to be.
    Wish I had something artistic and poetic to write as a comment.
    I don’t…..
    1. I appreciate you’re tired but ….I want more DEEETAIL.
    2. Were you on a ship for your breakfast …why is the table tilting and why didn’t all the food just slip off?

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