Day 5

Aumont aubrac to Nasbinal. 26.5k. A green day. Very lovely walking over heath and heather and searching for the ultimate hydrating combo. We’ve decided a hot drink and a cold drink is good.Hot for psychological lift cold for hydration. So often ask for coffee or hot chocolate and iced tea. And water.
They pull faces ” Vous voulez quelque chose encore ?” Non merci. C a suffit.
We have our pride and don’t want to end up with skin like a deflated balloon. So we drink loads and monitor our fluid input output. Urine pale and plentiful? Tick.

Too much info?
I ll move on.

Nasbinal we stayed in what H called the ghost hotel. No one properly there to check us in. Two guys she named the brothers Grimm who were useless.”What room are you in? ”

Really? “The biggest one?” We wanted to say.

It was big and as the whole night was unsupervised – ring this no if you have a problem- we strung our washing from every possible fixture.

This was the view from our bedroom window as we left, was that only yesterday? A lifetime ago. No one to check us out and little Hairy Mclary dog followed us for 4km over the hills. I had to shout and bang my sticks at him to make him go away. Felt sad but I’ve a nice dog if my own at home and really this ones legs were too short to cover the distance. And we had no neoprene boots for him to protect his pads.

Long long walk because again no room at the inn. All booked up by french people. And after 34 sweat soaked miles beautiful countryside and lots of up and down hills and gorges we arrive at the couvent in Saint Come d’Olt.

We were wrecked. But endured a long checking in from a french volunteer hospitalier.

It went:

*dinner at 7.00
*lauds 6.40
*dvd of history of convent 8.00 compline after
*Breakfast 7.00am
*more worship

And don’t mess with the nuns. They’re really old. Was the burden of it.

We nodded. We went to meals. Too tired for anything else. Our stay was refreshing -the conversion of the abbey was clever and the place was spotless. Our sheets were starched and snowy.

Now 15.5 km later we are in Estaing. We’ve passed many stone crosses, iron crosses, shrines and statues, but decided ‘a chapel a day … is enough.’

It’s my birthday and the weather is unexpectedly marvellous. We can hear chirpy French voices outside, bells sound hourly and mopeds puttering about merrily the roads being too narrow for much more.

We are glowing with sun and endorphins and the menu looks good. A lovely place to have a happy birthday.


5 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. So glad you are glowing on your birthday. Some of this has sounded mighty grim but I know you love it. Lydia posted that you are amazeballs. Perfect description. Love on your Day x x x

  2. What women you are!! An example to all (male and female). I love the. “Sweaty miles” and the picture of a sun tanned beauty on facebook. You are amazing lovelies! Bon journee mes enfants. ( wretched iPad doesn’t like French)

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!
    35+ miles amazing you really are an orsum two some.
    My Jon raised her eye brows so Wow from him too.
    Hope you had a good birthday I forgot as always.
    God bless you both.
    Love kate and Jon. xxxx

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