I wish you kept a blog

I agree. I have some friends and family who live quietly interesting lives and I am interested. I am going to post about my perceived need for originality in blogging and why when I try that I shoot myself in the foot.

Deep Water

I’ve become an avid reader of a number of blogs over the past couple of years. A couple of years before that, I had never read anybody’s blog. I suppose it’s not that many years before that, the concept did not exist. Somehow, they’ve crept and in some cases stormed into our lives and devices and become one of the ways we share and receive our news. I have some definite favourites for varying reasons and I’d be keen to hear about yours!

I’ve tried in the past just following everybody who followed me. That was hugely unsatisfying and saw me doing lots of culling of my ‘Blogshelf’ app not very long after I went through and added a whole lot of blogs in. I started to wonder if some bloggers go follow other bloggers in an attempt to boost their own readership. I’m thinking so, but have no solid…

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