Happy New Year

Some bloggers I follow do a retrospective at the end of the year and I was tempted to do likewise, but as I started it all felt rather self congratulatory and a tad smug. “Look at me. Look what I’ve read/seen/done.” So be thankful you’ve been spared that tedious seasonal round robin. But let’s just say that last year was better, happier and more interesting than some previous ones. And I think it was because I gave myself full permission to do the things I enjoy. So I read more, swam more, and walked a lot! I took up painting with mixed results. I experimented with more interesting cooking. More mixed results.

What I have realised is that, when trying something new, I need to talk to myself in the same way as I would encourage new writers in a workshop.

“Just write. Don’t get caught up in the detail.

Write a lot. Keep your hand moving across the page.

Don’t judge what you’re writing (especially as you’re writing it). Don’t think too hard.

Don’t apologise for your work. Don’t downtalk it.

Don’t be so concerned with the result.”

Enjoy the process.

I say: ” Understand that much of what you write may feel crass and hackneyed but you are your harshest critic. Other people are usually kinder to you than you are yourself. If they’re not, then you’re either got something sorted in your life and head and are way further on than me in this joy-filled living thing. ( Oh did I not mention that was my aim? A joy-filled life. I have had enough of the purpose-driven one. )

Or maybe you need to get yourself some new friends. Those crappy- critical ones are not doing you any favours.”

I am my own worst critic. I begin many blog posts and abandon them for being crass or overly serious. But I plan to change, to play more.

So much of what I have cooked/painted/written etc etc may not be tiptop quality, but who’s watching? Who cares? I am having a go, and doing it for me and if it makes you smile, or gives you courage or just takes your mind off other more serious concerns of a moment or two. Hooray. I’ve enjoyed writing it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for reading. Happy New Year. Love to you all. But especially those who follow and ‘like’ my posts.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hooray, I have so enjoyed reading these. Hooray that we are both learning to do what we love. I know in 2014 I REALLY want to ride my bike, sing in a choir, swim in the sea, learn more about literature in all its forms, and have lots of fun spoiling people with food. And to be every day more fully and freely ME. Hope some of these we may do together my friend.

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