Nearly there

In 12 hours time we’ll be on our way and the jaunt which began as a throwaway idea will really take shape. Initially it was a laugh and some fun in booking tickets and then a deal of shopping took place. Now we are packed and gone are the baby wipes and shower gel. “You can wash with shampoo can’t you?” John has had my rucksack out and packed repacked it, asking me to justify pretty much all my chosen Camino possessions.  I think Mr Brierley would be disappointed. I think my pack comes in just under 9kilos and that’s before food and water. But I am planning that as soon as it gets anywhere near warm enough I am going to send home my sleeping bag and gain myself a whole new kilo to waste on … mascara maybe.

I want to write about this and stay in touch but wifi might be hard to find. I am pretty excited and nervous and just want to get going. Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers. I’ll carry them with me. At least they don’t weigh anything.

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