Waiting it out on Association Island

It’s Labour day, sorry Labor Day, so we’re holed up here on an industrial campsite, and waiting to move on to Lake Placid from where we’ll travel over to Vermont.

Time for a review.

John is enjoying this hugely. He loves this machine, the vehicle: getting gas is an adventure, propane more so. Emptying its many tanks and hooking up. (Praise God for hook up.) He enjoys mastering its ins and out. He loves devouring the miles and the vastness of the landscape. There is no end to his wonder and joy at the novelty of things American.

Me, well, I don’t want to spell it out but think of Christmas.

******* and joy.

Actually I will spell it out. I’d like a bit more comfort. It’s ok but I am sleeping on a 4’ vinyl covered mattress and washing up in a square bowl in a round sink. Great metaphor. Enough said. The bathroom is adequate. It will do when you’re on the road or when you’re desperate. I have had one shower in it, after the wedding in an attempt to rinse away motion sickness and a hangover and it didn’t really help. What helped was lots of nice strong coffee and several slices of pound cake and not being inside a wobbly, mostly plastic truck.

So now  I use campground amenities and take my lenses out. To be fair the cubicles are clean-ish but it’s not home is it? And girls these days do a lot of grooming.

Also I am of average build but when I am squeezing my way round the door of the loo I wonder at people who are more ‘traditionally built’ as Mma Ramwotse has it. How do they manage? Perhaps they do something clever with baby wipes.

More reviewing. Five useful things on this trip.

  1. Meet my new best friend. Her name is May – Belle and she has saved our marriage. John and I have set up a convenient ménage a trois and it works well. Had she not been around I would have jumped off this bus long ago. (Thank you Mr and Mrs Read for your advice). She’s available whenever you need her and doesn’t pull a face when you ignore her instructions. She never sulks and seems quite happy to live in her drawer when John and I want alone time.
  2. Those marvellous re-sealable plastic bags: another nod to the Reads. I was a little sniffy about them to begin with. they seem so un-ecofriendly but they have saved my bacon in keeping bread fresh, marinating chicken and many other domestic uses which I shan’t bore you with.
  3. A huge KFC bucket. This RV does not have a bin. John and I foolishly ordered a KFC of immense proportions early on and we made a valiant effort to finish it but couldn’t. I did like the ‘biscuits’ – what we call call scones I reckon. Some of those lived inside a resealable bag for a few days and I ate most of them with Nutella. Yum. Long after the meal has become a distant and greasy memory the bucket lives on lined with the many plastic bags they hand out everywhere.
  4. Avon Skin So Soft with jojoba. I don’t know who told me about this. Mum maybe? But it’s brilliant. We have camped by rivers and lakes and no bites so far. It even smells ok. John can keep his Deet.
  5. My velcro sandals. They are supremely comfortable and have seen me down Ohiopyle rapids and through many a grubby shower.

Things I brought I didn’t need.

  1. Hair-straightners. What was I thinking of? My hairdryer works at about 30% capacity so I may as well run through the trees and not bother with styling. As you can tell from the photos my dear husband has uploaded to FB.
  2. Make–up. Likewise. Although I am using a tiny bottle of Miss Dior which Helen bought me. I love it. It smells of civilisation, not woodsmoke.
  3. A rather swish long dress. Why? It’s screwed up under my tshirts waiting for the promise of a hotel at the end of this trip.

I realise this sounds a tad bilious. I am writing it for those who are watching and wondering about making the investment in such a vehicle. Ours is a basic model. We have not been invited in to visit our superior neighbours. If I get inside a luxury model (the weather will have to break first) I’ll let you know how they do it. In some style I’ll bet.

7 thoughts on “Waiting it out on Association Island

  1. To be fair I am enjoying it but John is loving it. I do like a proper bed and bathroom. We’re doing well with food, and laundry is cheap to do. These are my concerns! Glad you’re ok and bearing up xxx

  2. They do love their RVs over here, don’t they? I don’t get it personally. I have been invited inside a couple of the deluxe models and while they undoubtedly have all the bells and whistles, it is just incredibly expensive camping. We have camped a few times with the children and I put up with the discomfort and inconvenience (not necessarily with a good grace) in order to; a) afford a holiday and b)build memories. We have even taken the same tent to church camp twice since they all left home, but only because we teamed up with another couple and between us brought along a fridge, toaster, coffee grinder and maker, a large gas grill and a microwave. If not for the difficulties with plumbing, we would have had the dishwasher and washing machine along too! It was priceless to watch a couple walking through the woods look incredulously at each other and say “Did you just hear a microwave ping?”. Our pastor told us, “I like to get here early then sit back and observe everyone putting up their tents. That way I know who will be coming in for marriage counseling over the next few months!”. Enough said!
    We have done a few “road trips” too, some with the kids and some as a couple, but they have involved either driving through the night to reach our destination faster, or hotel stops along the way.
    Anyhow, I hope that overall you are enjoying the experiences of your US trip and that the good are heavily outweighing the bad! This country certainly has a great deal to offer, it is just a shame that the amazing parts are separated by so many hundreds of miles of flat, featureless landscape. In my view, that is what planes are for!

    • The country is wonderful and I have no real complaints. As Meryl Streep says in Mama Mia, “I’m just whining.” How could I complain about the glorious weather when we’ve just had the wettest summer on record. This van has everything you need but, but…

      I can see why you came and why you stayed. I think if we had done this when our kids were small then John would have been tempted to come over and work if he could. He loves the challenge of it all. And the conundrum of being in a country where we supposedly speak the same language but so much is foreign.

      I am pleased you’re reading the blog. I am enjoying writing it. When you have only one other person to talk to for hours, you have to let off steam somewhere!

      • Well, I’m pleased you’re writing it – you do it well!
        Getting in some good weather must be a definite plus after Britain’s somewhat feeble attempt at summer this year. We have had 3 full months of temperatures consistently in the 30s and 40s, with only a couple of days here and there when we could turn off the air conditioning and fling open the doors and windows. Another day or so and then we are promised a cool down to mid 20s. Our younger daughter, Helen, is due to give birth any day now and this has not been the best summer in which to be pregnant!
        How long are you Stateside? Hope you both continue to enjoy the experience and the time together away from life’s realities.

  3. From one of the watching and wondering…….as I suspected, its all down to the bed and the loo.
    No probs with abandoning the hairstyle and make up at all. But the 4foot vinyl bed and grubby showers. Hmmmmmmm.
    It does seem worth it tho as the photos show. What an adventure.

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